Mission and Vision


The mission of Jupiter Academy is to combine a modern education with the best of traditional values, while encouraging our students to become respectful, responsible and successful young people.

At Jupiter Academy we motivate students to develop a solid foundation of values that includes a love of learning, personal responsibility, self-motivation, concern for others and a commitment to serve the community.  Our goal is to inspire each student to master the skills of learning, communicating and evaluating choices, while also encouraging individual growth; intellectually, socially, morally, aesthetically and physically to each students fullest potential.

Our primary responsibility is to address our students academic needs while developing and supporting their interest in, and passion for, extracurricular activities. We strive for excellence in everything we do at Jupiter Academy and we take pride in our students, our faculty and our reputation. We set high standards and advocate for each student to meet them. In doing so, we prepare our students to become independent, self-directed, collaborative and fearless learners. We believe that the best schools have the best people. Our success is founded on the philosophy of family, and at Jupiter Academy we are family.

Jupiter Academy sign