Lower School (1-5)

Lower School

Lower School

Students in first through fifth grades are provided the opportunity for exploratory and interactive learning in a setting which fosters creativity of the each child.

The academic standards of the Academy are aligned with National Standards of Education. The faculty and administration give direction and encouragement to help each student achieve success. All students are taught to be proficient in the core subjects. Jupiter Academy prepares students to be successful in their continuing education, in their future careers, and as productive citizens.

A successful educational program requires attention to the individual abilities and aspirations of each child. Students advanced beyond their grade level are provided with appropriate curriculum needs, including grade-level and subject acceleration.

Lower School

Lower School

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LANGUAGE ARTS is an essential part of the curriculum at Jupiter Academy. Our integrated language arts methodology includes literature, poetry, writing, grammar, and vocabulary. Critical reading and thinking skills are stressed in every discipline. Students develop reading comprehension strategies to identify main ideas, author’s purpose, valid inferences and conclusions, and relationships of words and ideas.


MATHEMATICS, a discipline with its own language and convention, has its own vocabulary and patterns of thinking. The goal of Jupiter Academy’s math curriculum is to progressively prepare each student for the advanced study of mathematics. Along with the continued effort required to master facts and operations, we provide approaches to problem-solving from a variety of angles. This approach allows students opportunities to apply similar concepts or operations to different situations.


Students at Jupiter Academy enjoy a hands-on approach to SCIENCE. Effective instruction requires experimentation and observation to achieve the benefits of scientific discoveries. Jupiter Academy’s science program provides opportunities for investigations which includes units on plant life, the ecosystem, and visits to the planetarium. A three day marine biology study at Sea Camp is also available for our middle school students.


The SOCIAL STUDIES program makes students aware of the past, present, and future of our world. Our interactive social studies program assists students in discovering the United States and the world through maps, globes, and an innovative curriculum. Our fifth-grade students have the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. to experience our country’s government and explore its history and the fourth-grade students have traveled to St. Augustine to experience and explore Florida’s oldest city, its culture and heritage.