Middle School (6-8)

Middle School

Middle School

Jupiter Academy provides an academically challenging college preparatory curriculum. It is our desire to thoroughly equip students for their post-secondary pursuits, thus providing students the necessary knowledge and skills required to enable them to become leaders and transformers at the next level and beyond.

At Jupiter Academy, we work to provide consistent social, emotional, and academic support for middle school students to help ensure their success in a rigorous program that challenges each child. We are able to meet these needs courtesy of a faculty who understands that the tentative nature of adolescents requires teachers to be particularly creative about establishing opportunities for success in order to build confidence and self-esteem in our students.Middle School

The middle school offers an interdisciplinary focus rich in technology, so that students can begin applying knowledge in new and interesting ways. Our curriculum reinforces basic skills and our iPad program teaches students to access and use information in meaningful ways. The use of interactive Pana- boards with classroom response systems, allow students to record their answers remotely.  With emphasis on reading comprehension, listening skills and vocabulary, our core curriculum is comprised of language arts, math, science, social studies, and foreign language. Each student is also required to participate in physical education, music, and art.

Middle SchoolWe are quite certain that as you review our course offerings, walk the halls of our campus, and interact with our faculty and staff, you will become convinced that there is something special about Jupiter Academy. We believe you will see that we are dedicated to the academic success of all of our students. As a testament to these efforts, our students score well above the national average on achievement tests and graduate prepared for the high school of their choice.

JA students have gone on to attend Jupiter High School, Dwyer High School, Dreyfoos School of the Arts, G-Star, Sun Coast, and Benjamin.