Enhanced Curriculum


Foreign Language
Jupiter Academy’s foreign language program helps each student obtain an acceptable degree of proficiency in the skills of conversing, reading, writing, and comprehending the Spanish language. Students are introduced to Spanish in pre-school and continue to study the language through middle school.
At Jupiter Academy we realize the importance of becoming proficient in all aspects of technology. Students learn how to use ‘Microsoft Office’ beginning in Kindergarten. keyboarding, research techniques, and Powerpoint are also being taught in the computer lab.
Music education is an important component of a well-rounded curriculum. At Jupiter Academy, students in pre-school through eighth grade receive formalized instruction which encompasses the basic source of music theory. Our music curriculum includes the study of instruments, classical composers, opera, rhythm, and song.
Visual Arts
Students at Jupiter Academy receive art instruction weekly and are inspired to be creative. Art education includes the instruction of both the principles and elements of design. It allows students the opportunity to experiment with a variety of mediums to discover texture, depth, design, and color. An introduction to the masters and their work is presented so that students will have knowledge of well-known artists. Students’ art work is on display throughout the campus. Students have won many art awards at various community events.
Physical Education/Health
Physical Education and Health is an important part of our curriculum at Jupiter Academy. Our program is designed to help students lead healthy active lives. All Jupiter Academy students have PE and Health starting in kindergarten. Students also have the opportunity to participate in “Jump Rope for Heart,” and the Presidential Physical Fitness Program.