The Arts



Jupiter Academy is passionate about arts education. We strongly believe that artistic self-expression is an essential part of a well-rounded education. We believe that every student who attends JA should have a chance to develop their artistic talents.

Visual Arts
Students are regularly involved in visual art instruction at JA. The elements of art and principals of design are emphasized, along with art history. Students participate in art activities and develop their skills in drawing, painting and a variety of other artistic elements. In the Spring students participate in the annual Art Gallery for the opportunity to display their works to family and friends.



Music & Voice
Music & voice instruction is introduced to all students at JA, beginning with our youngest in Pre-K, and continues to be an integral part of the curriculum through eighth grade. In the early years, students learn traditional songs and progress to musical instrument instruction while the upper grades focus on rhythm, pitch, melody, harmony, and learning the language of notated music and also learn the techniques of playing instruments as well as recorders. Students rehearse & perform in several musical performances throughout the year including the annual Holiday Program and JA’s got talent featuring students performing individually as well as in groups displaying their vocal and musical talents.

Lower School

Playing Music


Jupiter Academy’s dance club allows students to explore instruction of many styles of movement including; hip-hop, world dance, ballet and zumba, while also learning important history, theory and technique. Using the body as an art medium, students use their studies in choreography and dance composition to create powerful performances and demonstrate their skills at several school functions throughout the year.


Performing Arts
Throughout the year, students participate in numerous assemblies and performances to showcase their abilities and give them confidence in speaking and performing before an audience.
In addition to school assemblies and celebrations, there are certain traditions at Jupiter Academy that call for student performances. In the fall, the Latin Fiesta allows all grades to perform skits & songs from several countries throughout Latin America in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month and in the Spring the entire school participates in a theatrical performance. Last year’s production of The Great Kapok Tree can be seen on our website in the gallery section.

Performing Arts

Student Performing at Stage



Students Performing

Performing Arts