State of the Art Technology

Jupiter Academy is committed to keeping pace with the latest technological developments and has invested in advances that are most useful to our students and faculty.


Students Using iPads


Our campus is equipped with a full computer lab and our middle school has implemented a 1:1 iPad program which puts the technology directly in the hands of our students.


SmartBoard Technology

SmartBoard technology is available in nearly every classroom, providing enhanced interactive instruction for our students. A SmartBoard is a video projector linked through a computer to a touch sensitive white board; it allows the board to “come to life” with graphics, charts, and demonstrations that coincide with textbook lessons.


SmartBoard TechnologyAdditionally Panaboards, using similar technology as the Smartboard, are connected with remote classroom response systems (CRS). Questions are posed and students key in responses using small remote transmitters. These transmitters send the students answers to a receiver that is con­nected to the instructor’s laptop. Software on the instructor’s machine instantly tabulates and graphs student responses, and these simple graphs can be displayed on the Panaboard. One of the more compelling aspects of using CRS is that students can com­pare their own responses to the responses of other students in the class, which can encourage a level of metacognition that might not otherwise occur.


Digital Microscope



Our Science lab is fully equipped with digital microscopes that also connect with the Panaboards. Objects seen through the microscope can now be viewed by the entire class at once on the interactive board.